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RTX 3000 Series Release Date & Details

Nvidia seemed like they were determined to beat AMD’s RDNA 2 launch and officially announce their new flagship and enthusiast cards at the September 1st event.

The RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 have been in the DVT (Design Validation Test) for quite a while now so it’s fair to assume that the production started in August 2020.

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang confirmed in a virtual event that their flagship RTX 3080 will launch September 17, with their enthusiast-class RTX 3090 coming September 24.

Their mid-range representative, the RTX 3070, will be released later in October. This information is pretty much in line with what was predicted earlier, although it was assumed that RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 will come on the same day.

Nvidia Ampere was originally intended to be presented to the world at Nvidia’s GTC conference in March this year, but the event was canceled. It was then tentatively moved to Computex which got delayed several times until it was fully canceled and that forced Nvidia to create its own virtual event.

After GTC was called off, it was reported that Ampere would be fully announced in August. There were rumors that Quadro RTX cards would be released first, with the RTX 3000 GPUs left for later on, but that was obviously incorrect.

Some recent leaks suggest that Nvidia will release yet another GTX 1650 card, which may be an indication that there won’t be any new budget RTX 3000 options this year.